Caring and Dependable
Dog Walking and Pet Sitting


Since 2007, we've been providing caring and dependable in-home care to pet owners in the Durham area.  Dog Walking and Pet Sitting services offered by our licensed, fully insured and bonded, professional company. 

We are currently accepting new dog walking and pet sitting clients.  We cover many areas of Durham, so we're better able to help you with your pet care needs.  See the "Contact Us" page for details on how to schedule your free consultation, today!

Perhaps you need to go away for business, go on vacation, work late or just don't have enough time in your hectic lifestyle. Whatever the reason, Lucy's Pet Care will be there for you and your pets. Our team of professional pet sitters will provide the love and attention to your animals, in your absence.  We pay attention to all the details of service to make sure your animals maintain the same routine as when you're at home.  

We give love and attention to your pets.  And, we give YOU lots of TLC, too!  We work around your schedule and stay in touch with you, every step of the way.  We're diligent about communication and providing excellent customer service.  You'll have contact information for your sitter and for Lucy, so you can reach someone from Lucy's Pet Care, whenever you have the need. 

Lucy's Pet Care will care for your animals in their own home with their usual routine, which minimizes your pets' stress.  They are happy in familiar surroundings, while enjoying one-on-one time from their professional pet sitter.

Lucy's Pet Care offers much more than only dog walking and pet visits.  Our expanded menu of services will cater to you and your pets' needs by offering all of the following:

  • Dog walking
  • Pet Visiting Services
  • Overnight Stays
  • Extra TLC 24-Hour Care

Your professional pet sitter will stay in touch as frequently as you request, with updates via email, text, phone calls and/or notes left in your home.  We also send photos of your pets, so you can see for yourself how happy they are in our care.  You'll never have to worry about your animals' well-being.

Also, if we experience severe weather during the time you are away, your sitter will make notes of any damage that occurs to your home or property and will notify you.  Your sitter will make sure your animals are kept safe and dry, in the event of severe home damage. 

To ensure the best possible care is given, we offer a free in-home consultation to answer all of your questions. This is also an opportunity for your professional pet sitter to meet you and your pets, to assure you that they will be cared for with all the tenderness and devotion they need and enjoy, by a genuine animal lover.  At this time, you will be able to show your sitter the location of your pets' supplies (food, toys, litter boxes, leashes etc.) and sleeping areas.  Also, you can explain details of any medication administration for your animals.  Your sitter will also ask you about household care, such as retrieving newspapers and mail, rotation of lights and/or window coverings, watering of houseplants, etc. 

In addition to the "show-and-tell" aspect of your consultation, you will have completed our Lucy's Pet Care profile into our web-based software program to provide your sitter with all the written details of care and emergency contact information.   Your sitter will review everything with you, to make sure all details of care are understood. 

With our secure web-based software program, your information is available 24/7 to you and your sitter from your PC or mobile device.  Once established as a client, you may easily and securely request new services, request changes to existing services, update your profile, check your account, etc.

If your travel plans get delayed, we'll be sure that your pets and home are taken care of, until your

return.  For this reason, we ask that you let your sitter know as soon as you get home and your pets are

back in your care.

Whichever services you choose, you may be rest assured that the Lucy's Pet Care team of professional pet sitters will treat your animals and your home with the utmost respect and personal attentio

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